Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources

14th International Conference | 26–30 June 2017 | Lyon, France


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Your groundwater remediation partner

REGENESIS is the world’s leading provider of environmental solutions for in situ groundwater remediation. In Europe, we have offices located in Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium and Italy. We offer a suite of innovative remediation products and specialist application services, which are used every working day across Europe. Our technical team is here to help our customers choose from a range of solutions to optimise treatment, reduce risk, and save money.

Our offer:

  • Remediation design and technical support
  • 14 innovative in situ remediation technologies
  • Site application and project management
  • Treatment of a wide range of contaminants, at all concentrations
  • Minimisation of site disturbance and cost
  • Pilot studies
  • Performance-based solutions

Integrated treatment approach

We combine biological, chemical and physical remedies in order to optimise the treatment of a wide range of contaminants across varying site conditions. This results in significant project cost and time savings for our clients.

To date, more than 26,000 sites have been successfully remediated with this integrated approach, using REGENESIS technologies such as Oxygen Release Compound (ORC Advanced) and 3-D Microemulsion (3DMe) for stimulating bioremediation, PersulfOx and RegenOx for chemical oxidation. Our latest technology PlumeStop represents a revolution in aquifer remediation, providing rapid and permanent treatment to extremely low targets in weeks.

Research and development

From new idea, through proof of concept, to field-testing; the REGENESIS R&D Department is continually working on innovative and new products designed specifically for the remediation market. We listen to the needs of our clients and create injectable technologies that push the boundaries of in situ remediation and challenge the expectations of the industry.

Trusted turn-key solutions

Clients choose our injection services for the implementation of in situ remedies to ensure results. We are dedicated to the success of each project, providing certainty regarding site application, meeting remedial objectives, and health and safety standards on site.

For more information visit:


The Tramshed

Beehive Yard, Walcot Street

Bath BA1 5BB

United Kingdom