AquaConSoil 2015 – Events & Tours


13th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on

Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources

9–12 June 2015 • Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome Reception: at Copenhagen City Hall • Monday,  8 June 2015 • 6.30 pm

(inclusive; duration: approx. 1.5 h)

The reception will take place in the Banquet Hall on the second floor, or, depending on the number of delegates who attend, in the Main Hall next to the entrance.


After a short welcome speech of one of the members of the Copenhagen City Council, pancakes, soft drinks and red and white wine will be served, jetlagged colleagues and friends will be very happy to see you…

Conference Dinner • Thursday, 11 June 2015 • 60 €


Join you collegues for evening at the new architectural landmark in National Aquarium Denmark -




The building’s architecture was inspired by the circulating currents of the whirlpool. From the entrance, the visitor steps into the vortex of the whirlpool – the round lobby – and is drawn inside the spiral towards the 53 aquariums and installations.


The building is located directly facing the Øresund and is surrounded by a circular reflection pool. National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is thus encircled by water on all four sides.



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Technology for Impact

2015 / 29–30 April 2015

Wageningen, NL


17th IWA Conference Berlin

As Northern Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium, National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is located at a central traffic junction close to the Metro, train connections, the motorway, and Copenhagen Airport.


In other words, it is difficult to overlook National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet whether you are arriving by land, water, or by air.


The entire floor space of Denmark’s new aquarium, National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet on Amager, is approx. 10,000 m2.

Photo: Jonathan Filskov

Photo: Jonathan Filskov

Photo: Christiane Helsted-Juul

ACS 2015 Scientific Tours • Friday, 12 June 2015 • in parallel • 10 € • start: 12:30 h • end: 16–17:00 h • start & end at BC

The scientific tours of the upcoming AquaConSoil conference will match the overall themes of the conference. The detailed content of the tours will be planned during the spring of 2015, and each tour will offer prime sights of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to challenges posed within each conference theme. All tours will be conducted in English and transport to and from the sites will be provided from the conference center.

Tour 1 – Novel methods for investigation and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater

On this tour we aim to visit several sites undergoing remediation with promising new methods. For example the Capital Region’s Innovation Garage – a site, heavily contaminated with chlorinated solvents in a densely-developed area, bought to secure a place for ongoing research and development within soil and groundwater investigation and remediation technologies. At any given time, several pilot-scale studies are in operation at the site concurrently. Several other sites undergoing full-scale remediation with new methods are also expected to be in operation and worthy of a visit at the time of the conference. Projects currently underway in the Capital Region are focused on novel methods and approaches for remediation in low-permeability settings, groundwater monitoring, indoor climate investigation and mitigation, improved investigations in limestone, holistic investigation of many point sources within large catchments, etc. (Related to Conference Theme 1)

Tour 1 is splitted in 3 destinations (please click for further details):

Tour 2 – Inspirational tour: Historical contaminated sites in Copenhagen, how have they been redeveloped today?

On this tour we aim to see a number of historical contaminated sites along the Copenhagen canal front by boat. Many a trading company, factory and other industrial enterprise have historically been situated along the canals of Copenhagen, as this was a main route of access to the city. A guide will point out the locations of these former enterprises, their impact on the surrounding environment and how current enterprises have dealt with the contamination caused by their predecessors to renew and revive the harbor front. The aim of the tour is to inspire new ideas for redevelopment. As such, presentations of individual sites are not expected to be in-depth. (Related to Conference Theme 2. Tour 4 also relates to this theme.)

On this tour we aim to visit one or several sites, where various organizations are currently rethinking the use of the subsurface, e.g. innovative ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, subsurface heat storage, etc. Several R&D projects into specific issues as well as more holistic projects with competing interests are underway at universities and the Capital Region of Denmark. (Related to Conference Theme 3)

On this tour we aim to visit one or several redeveloped brownfields – the AquaConSoil conference will be situated in an area of Copenhagen that was once considered an unattractive wasteland and today constitutes several new neighborhoods housing numerous prestigious and innovative architectural developments, among them the sustainable Crown Plaza, the VM Mountain (awarded the title of “the world's best residential building” at the World Architecture Fair in 2008), 8House, the National Aquarium, etc. It has been a focal point in these building projects to incorporate various sustainability and climate adaption aspects, e.g. green roofs and natural drainage. Furthermore, new initiatives to reuse (contaminated) soil and groundwater may be presented – for example the new national Soil Exchange and projects involving use of water from pump and treat facilities for groundwater cooling and heating of buildings. (Related to Conference Themes 2 and 4)


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