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  1.   In the chosen portfolio, you may look for a certain word using the search option which can be found  above right (please see figure above).

  1.   This search option will provide the relevant file names, and, when clicking the small triangle (left), even the page where this term can be found in this paper.

AquaConSoil 2013 Proceedings

We are pleased to provide here about 150 papers of AquaConSoil 2013 authors both of oral as of poster presentations of Themes A–E and for a number of Special Sessions.

Please note the following guidelines:

  1.   We divided the papers into 64 pdf portfolios according to the ACS 2013 sessions which can be read and downloaded using the Menue above, subdivided into talks and posters.

  2.   For using these portfolios properly, you need to install the latest Adobe Reader version and the  latest Flash version (free) on your computer.

  3.   In case that you are interested in a special paper (special subject or author), you may look for it first in the table below (download) in order to identify to which theme A–E or to which Special Session it belongs to. Just use as usual the Ctrl key + F for that.